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Hi all..

After i evaluated an answer using matrices..the resulting answer is stored in a Matrix..but im not able to see the anwers instead it displays...11 x 1 Matrix...DataType:anything....storage: Rectangular..Order: Fortran Order...wat to do to make the results display?


i am deriving lagrangian shape function symbolically for an 1-D element of order p in FEM....so the eleemnt will have p+1 nodes....


                                   N(k,i) = product((X-Xother)) / product(Xcurrent-Xother)

de := diff(theta(t), `$`(t, 2))+c*(diff(theta(t), t))+9.8*sin(theta(t))/L = 0; c := 2; L := 2;
init := theta(0) = 0, (D(theta))(0) = 4;
sol := dsolve({de, init}, theta(t), numeric, output=listprocedure);
Theta := subs(sol, theta(t));
plots[animate](plots[arrow],[[0,0],[L*sin(Theta(t)),-L*cos(Theta(t))],colour=red],t=0..5, axes=none,scaling=constrained);

these lines of codes were posted by robert Israel in one of his posts.

it would be of a great help if anyone share the companion CD of

 By Artur Portela, A. Charafi



is there any way that cartesian eqns can be converted to parametric  and vice versa in maple?

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