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In the programme I am writing, we need to multiply axb with "a" being an integer, but found as a product of 2 matrices, and "b" being a 3x1 matrix. Currently I receive the message "Error, (in rtable/Product) invalid arguements" with the following code, can anyone help?

Hi, I'm trying to find the steady states of a pair of ODEs and have used the code below but i get the message "warning, solutions may have been lost".


> restart;

> with(LinearAlgebra);

> f := (u, v) -> (u*(1-u))-a*(u*v/(v+u);

> g := (u, v) -> b*v(a(u/(v+u))-d);

> du := diff(u(t), t) = f(u(t), v(t));

> dv := diff(v(t), t) = g(u(t), v(t));

> steadystates := solve({f(u, v) = 0, g(u, v) = 0}, {v, u});

Warning, solutions may have been lost


Hey Guys,

I'm new to this forum and only have a basic knowledge of maple. I need a program to implement the conjugate gradient algorithm but dont know how to go about it. Can anyone help?


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