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These are questions asked by mweisbr

I hope you can help me. I like to use the Workbook feature in Maple 2018. I save variables in one document to use them in another document as well. If, however, the value of the variable changes, I have to delete the variable in the variable manager each time and save it again.
Is there a command I can use to delete and re-save the saved variables?


I want to adjust values in a matrix. In the example matrix you will find some measurement errors (values around -4000 or 1). But these are definitely measurement errors. Is there any possibility to adjust these values to the surrounding values (~1500) in an interpolation. Can someone help me how I can do this with maple?

Ps.: the matrix is exported from maple into .xls


Thank you very much!


I have to compare a lot of sample pairs with the TwoSampleTTest. I need only the pvalue for a cross table. It is possible to extract the pvalue of the TwoSampleTTest?

Many thanks!


I want to change some values of a matrix. 

For example: I have a matrix with measured data, but some of these values get the number 1.0 (because maple cannot import these expression correctly). Is it possible to change all "1.0" with an other expression?

Thanks a lot!


can someone help me with the following problem?

Ich want to delete rows and columns at the same time in a matrix. So this I wrote a little proc:

end proc;

The problem is, that only the last order is working. -> 



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