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Dr. Gilbert Lai is an independent consultant. He is also a mentor for FIRST Robotics team SWAT 771 ( As a former employee of Maplesoft, he was team lead in the MapleSim simulation engine development team and was technical adviser on various MapleSim add-on toolboxes.

Trained as a Computer Engineer, Dr. Lai’s research interests include robotics control (force feedback teleoperation), aerospace and mechatronics applications (helicopter modelling and control). In his spare time, he enjoys computer games, Sci-Fi movies and quality time with his family.

You can follow @gilbert_lai_phd on Twitter.

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Or would engineering be under "Applied Science"?
This is more a question than a suggestion... under the "new content" tab, what does the "red star" beside some of the topics listed mean? At first I thought it indicates new topics added since I last logged in. But it doesn't seem to be consistent since I remember reading some of topics with "red star" before... Also, is there a way to list only those topics/threads with new materials (replies)? Currently, the new content tab seems to be listing ALL topics/materials in reverse posting order. But some threads/topics added later might not have new replies while some older topics would have new responses... this makes it hard to quickly locate what is new... (I know RSS would probably work in this case... but I kind of like to have a page of listing and quickly browse through it...)
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