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I am trying to solve a system of nonlinear 36 differential-algebraic equations numerically in Maple. The last line of my code is the dsolve(.) command which is used to solve the DAE system. My problem is that it takes forever to evaluate the dsove(.) command. Maple does not give me any errors/warning, however, it keeps evaluating, and evaluating...nothing happens...


I have used stiff solvers as well hoping to make the process faster but that dowsn't work either.

Hi everyone,

I am importing an .m file from MATLAB to Maple using the command: FromMFile(). The .m file uses a set of huge symbolic matrices with an output of a huge symbolic vector of 36 by 1. Each element of this vecot is supposed to form a second-order differential /or algebraic equation that I am planning to solve using the Maple DAE toolbox.

The problem I have is that while I execute the worksheet, Maple only evaluates the...

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