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Is there a way to convert a complex expression into the form a + ib (splitting it into its Re and Im parts) , even if the expression that you want to convert is in terms of a variable?

ie, I have something like f(r) and I want to put it in the form a(r) + i b(r)

I have this function:

Eig1 := proc (R) options operator, arrow; (1/9*(-27*deltaE^3*R^9-10*M^6+3*sqrt(-189*deltaE^4*R^12*M^4-147*deltaE^2*R^6*M^8-27*M^12+60*deltaE^3*R^9*M^6))^(1/3)-(-deltaE^2*R^6-7/9*M^4)/(-27*deltaE^3*R^9-10*M^6+3*sqrt(-189*deltaE^4*R^12*M^4-147*deltaE^2*R^6*M^8-27*M^12+60*deltaE^3*R^9*M^6))^(1/3)+2/3*deltaE*R^3+2/9*M^2)/R^3 end proc


> deltaE := 0.355 , and

M := sqrt(540000.0000)

I was wondering if Maple can read an inputfile the way tecplot can, or at least plot a huge list of coordinates WITHOUT using the pointplot command (it will take me to long to put all of my coordinates in pointplot's correct input format). I have a list of about 5000 coordinates (x and y) and I want to see y vs x in a 2D graph. Any help is GREATLY appreciated Thanks.
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