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For a matrix W, the command limit(W^t,t=infinity) does not work.  Is there a way to evaluate this limit in maple ??

<p>I have a 16x1 matrix in maple, and maple only displays: [matrix 16x1; data type: anything; storage:rectangular; order: fortran_order]</p>
<p>I want to actually see all the numbers, and not by applying the command v[i] for i = 1..16.</p>
<p>Is this possible??</p>
<p>I tried eval(v) but it still gives me the same result.</p>


I was trying to solve this nonlinear ODE using dsolve:

ode:=(diff(f,x)*diff(g,y)=1): dsolve(ode);

but got: Error, (in ODEtools/info) R equired a specification of the indeterminate function


I'm not sure what Maple means by "indeterminate function" .. does that mean I need an explicit function for g(y)??

I would assume that Maple would be able to do this without knowing g(y) since one solution is (1/n)*f(x) + n*g(y).

Thank you.

When I press shift+enter, I get a new line, but how do I remove the line ? (highlighting it does not always work, so I can't seem to manually delete it)


I was wondering what the easiest way to calculate the derivative of a matrix is?

So far I am trying:

> with(LinearAlgebra);
> A := Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 1, (1, 2) = x^2, (2, 1) = 4*x^7, (2, 2) = x^3});
                           Matrix(%id = 163320844)
> B := D(A);

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