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Not just for night owls.  I use dark mode for everything, then soften the colors of the monitor, AND wear blue light blocking blocking glasses to help protect my eyes.

Lets be Real...  It is 2022 and Maple still does not have Dark Mode.  Honestly, Its not surprising since the iOS and iPadOS Maple Calculators still do not rotate to landscape mode.  These are my 2 biggest hangups with Maple, minor but still.  

Lets get Dark Mode across the ecosystem and landscape mode on portable apps! 

@Carl Love thank you again for expanding upon this for me.  I'll be sure to keep this in mind moving forward. 

I'm still trying to understand why ∀x in ℂ the inequality would be false. That is essentially saying something like 1+i != 1+i when it clearly is. 

I'm ok with having to provide the assumption, and thanks to you I now know that I need to do so, but I suppose I don't understand why the assumption is needed in the special case where LHS=RHS unambiguously and without any qualifications necessary on the space it is in.

The fact that the software is programmed in this fashion makes me feel like I'm missing an extremely fundamental mathematics concept here about inequalities.  Especially since this software has a lot of "student" items and this seems like unneccessary extra requirments for a beginning user.. lets say a student in Calculus 2 comparing sequences for convergence.

can you, or anyone provide an analytical contradiction to x <= x not being true for any space? Specifically, Complex since you mentioned that is the default assumption when using algebraic operands.

Again, i'm okay with having to provide the assumptions i'm just curious why it is needed in the case of this inequality?  if it is required by the software to function properly then I would think that it should be returned as an error or at the very least a warning message.


thanks for all of your feedback, I greatly appreciate it.

[edit] additionaly this screenshot underscores what I am trying to understand.  If the <= is False but the = is True I don't understand why the software is saying one is False and the other is True because as you mentioned early the logical or operator means one or the other, but not necessarily both.

@Carl Love I guess I thought the assumption was built in due to the use of the sqrt operator, and if n<0 then it would revert to Complex where the equal part of the inequality would still hold. 

I used your solution and it works.  Thank you for taking the time to respond.


@acer thank you

@acer My apologies I will start new threads in the future. 


Again the information you provided is perfectly on point and answered exactly what I was trying to understand.  


I am NOT using those techniques yet and likely will not be in the foreseable future.  I was not aware that Maple was only restricted by hardware and what the OS supplies it, but now I know.  Thank you. 


Thank you for all of the information you have provided.  Seeing as how my questions are starting to stray off subject I will start creating new questions.  


Thanks again!


@acer I suppose I mean a prime number that has not been found yet.  


I saw from a search that you helped someone regarding their RAM usage.  Any way you can help me increase mine? 

I used the commands I found in the previous post and this is what was returned. I would like to use most of my memory for computations if possible, this iMac is strictly a workhorse. 


Maple 2017.3, APPLE UNIVERSAL OSX, Sep 27 2017, Build ID 1265877



evalf(convert(%, units, bytes, gigabytes));




thank you @acer this is very good information.  


right now I am running:


type(expression, prime)


to see if it returns a prime and so far so good... however, most of the time it usually returns answer very quickly but right now it is taking its time... perhaps i found a prime! :) one can hope..  


I am curious though.. would the above command "type(expression, prime)" return a new prime if I found a new prime or only primes compiled in a list stored somewhere? 

@acer I wonder where Maple looks this information up?  


Thinking about this I remember my initial reason for why I even entered this into Maple.  I was, and still am, curious about the computation time required to perform the same calculuations that Prime95 would perform in an attempt to see if Maple is more efficient than Prime 95 when calculating Primes.  It seems that Prime 95 could use more processing power but doesnt, even when set at max settings, which still leaves more than 60% of my computing power on the table. 


I'm not only interested in Mersenne Primes, those are just what I am familiar with.  I am also curious to see if I can find a way to find primes with a new method. 


Yes, I am aware that a lot of people have worked, and are working on this, I just figured I would give it the ol' college try.  I may have found a way to get in the ballpark of a prime, essentially reducing the amount of numbers to test. I figured I would give it a try if I could find the most efficient way to perform the calculations. 

I'm not all in and infatuated with Primes, I just like to problem solve and attempt to push my brain into something thats difficult.  

In case it matters I have pasted my computer specs below. 

My iMac is: 

4 GHz Intel Core i7

32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4 GB


and my Macbook Pro is 

3.1 GHz Intel Core i7

16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

(switching graphics cards)

Radeon Pro 560 4 GB

Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB



@acer You answered my question perfectly, thank you.  


Long story short....  I am running Prime95 on my iMac (Mersenne Prime Software) and I thought...."hmm I wonder if I could check the latest Mersenne Prime in my Maple program".....


So I entered the prime check command and 2^(74207281) - 1 ....  suddenly my computer went into overdrive with the bottom bar reading "evaluating" ....  I wasn't sure if it was shuttling information back and forth between my computer and a maple server or if it was just calculating on my computer. 

I let it run for a few minutes then decided to stop the evaluating until I better understood what exactly was going on which leads to this post. But it also spawned another question... is there a way to see the progress of a calculation.  


Again, thank you for your response, it was exactly what I was looking for.  


I am new to Maple and learning what I can on the side.  I am currently working towards my B.S. as a double major in Mathematics & Physics and trying to learn how to use Maple with each of the concepts I learn in class.  


Thanks again!


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