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When trying to construct objects like SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1), one needs parameters to satisfy SU(n,q)xSU(n,q)xU(n,q).  What are the values of 'q' for these group constructions using the group theory package?  


4/(9*n + 7*sqrt(n)) <= 4/(9*n + 7*sqrt(n))

Is there a way to have Maple show me approximately how much time is left for a calculation?  

lets say I wanted to calculate the new Mersenne Prime and check to see if it is prime.. 

type(2^(74207281)-1, prime)

This would no doubt take a long time to verify but that is not my concern.  I am simply concerned with whether or not I can see how long maple thinks it will take to perform this action 

I would be in worksheet mode simply inputing a calculuation.


This is a very general, basic question.  

When I supply an input is the calculuation/computation performed on my computer?  Is it uploaded to a Maple server for calculating? 


I am assuming it takes place on my computer but just wanted to double check.  


Also, is there a way to see the progress of a calculation?  If it is something that might take days or even weeks..

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