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It seems that the system is not consistent in any combination of 12 equations…


 g := (3*x^2-3*y^2)/(x-y);

 x := `5`; y := `2`;


       At the urging of Markiyan Alexeyevich I show the text. Because I can't find out the proper code at once, here is a very close substitute. The Draghilev method is used in my animation.

Only for real roots...



eq1 := x^4+(2*(3*y+1))*x^2+(5*y^2+4*y+11)*x-y^2+10*y+2;

eq2 := y^3+(x-2)*y+x^2+x+2;

 Isolate([eq1, eq2], [x, y]);

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