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I am wondering if it is possible to exectute the "Action when Clicked" of a button component from other components.  Essentially what I want is a virtual button press.  I realize that I could just put all of the commands for my update button in every component I am using, but for my particular code, that is very tedious.  My update button has several hundred lines of code and I would like to rerun the whole code in that button when any of about 20 other combo boxes or text boxes are changed.  I'd prefer not to cut and past a whole block of stuff 20 times every

Is it possible to easily use a procedure that I create in one worksheet in other worksheets (i.e. make it into a loadable package) without having to cut and paste the whole procedure text into each worksheet that I want to use it in?  It is a bit of a pain to have to do manual version management of my particular procedure in each sheet when I use it in a number of different files.

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