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These are questions asked by pallav

I want to modify the code such that it works with


How to do that? What is radical? 

A := matrix(2, 2, [0, a, b, 0]);
v := eigenvects(map(eval, A), 'radical');
q := ev[1][3][1];
et := eigenvects(map(eval, transpose(A)), 'radical');
P := et[2][3][1];

How to get a plot where a unit cube [0,1]X[0,1]X[0,1] in R^3 is intersected by a plane $x+z=1$. Please give me a code

How to find the coefficient of x, x^2,and xy from the following polynomial




coeff(F, x) gives an answer 12*y+2 but I want it as 2 etc

coeff(F, x*y) gives an error 

Error, invalid input: coeff received x*y, which is not valid for its 2nd argument, x

I need the list of x and y separately of S[2] like the:

[.8098169753, 0.8098169753, .8098169753, .8098169753, .8098169753, .8098169753]

[1.339721710, 1.309892054, 1.282898312, 1.258277638, 1.235670705, 1.214793049]



restart; with(LinearAlgebra);
a := 2; b := .29; d := 1.85; for h from .5 by .1 to 1 do
eq1 := x*(-b*x^2-x+1);
eq2 := y*((a*x*x)/(b*y^2)-d-h*y);
S := solve({eq1, eq2}, {x, y});

I want to use for do loop and the print statement. print(h, AA) gives two columns left for h and right for AA separeted by comma. How to change this two column presentation so that I can get the sequence of h and sequence of AA. Note that print(h) and print(AA) gives two separate columns. But I want to convert print(h, AA).


for h from 0.01 by .1 to 5 do
AA := (1+h)/h^2;
print(h, AA) end do:

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