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Dear Maple Users

I am trying to minimize a cost function C subject to conditions t1>0 , t2>0 and t1< t2 by using maple 10

I tried to maximize a nonlinear objective function by mapple 10 but I was not able to obtain non negative solutions. Procedure followed by me is as follows





Dear Sir
Can you please help me to minimize the following cost function with maple 10.I want that " t and T must be greater than zero(not equal to zero) , t < T  and C > 0." I tried a lot but I am not getting the values of t and T as mentioned above " ". Also why  the solution obtained by the 2 methods below is different  ? Which one of them is correct ?


Dear Sir
I am getting the solution lambda=−1.518022637,beta=0.5666679932,p=4.035629244

Does this solution maximizes my objective function Zv. Also I am not getting the solution for non negative values of  p, lambda and beta.Can you please help me to solve following non linear equations with maple 10.

Dear Sir
Can you please help me to solve following non linear equations with maple 10. I have tried a lot but i am getting the warning that solution is lost.On giving the range of solution I am getting the same result (Range is taken to be non-negative values).
Thanking you
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