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 I appreciate the responses. Of course doing it by hand is what the Professor originally had us do lasst semester, this semester there is so much work and taking a full load behooved me to use some software  rather than the 89 for calculations, the eye strain from the screen was too much. I need to learn more about the commands. As I have said earlier, this is my 1st math software I have used, and translating the problem from paper to Maple is a challenge for me to be ablt to check my answers. Maybe this software is too much, or I am trying to read too much into the answers provided hereto. If I understand correctly, I enter in to Maple exactly as is written  or do I use the clickable math. I know that once I understand how to enter problems into Maple then I will pick up quickly and understand how Maple works and what inputs and how to input the data. So, if there is some specific way for someone to walk me through 1 of the problems, I can more than likely understand what I am doing wrong.
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