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Please, take a look at the following work sheet for maple 11.01: View 6742_test.mw on MapleNet or Download 6742_test.mw It contains two similar documents blocks with functional operator assignments: f:= proc (x) options operator, arrow; 3*x end proc and g := proc (y) options operator, arrow; 3*y end proc One is collapsed another is not and this is the only principal difference between them. Now the output in collapsed document block is x -> 3 x while in expanded g := y -> 3 y.
Hello. I've tried to create function with x[1] variable, but at any time I receive the following error: > f := x[1] -> x[1]; Error, symbol or symbol::type or symbol:=expression expected in parameter list What is the problem here? IIUC x[1] is the element 1 of array x. So does maple forbid usage of array elements in function definitions? Thank you for your time.
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