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Hi Maple users,

I have a license for the Global Optimization Toolbox (GOT) 12 (i.e. for Maple 12). However, it seems it cannot be installed under Maple 13. As the GOT is essentially a frontend for an external library, I find this restriction a bit artificial and annoying. I don't see a reason why I should buy a new license for something that is practically the same that I already bought...!? Do I overlook something? Is there a simple way of installing the GOT 12 under Maple 13? Thanks for any hint!


Dear Maple experts,

I'm trying to make use of Maple's external calling facility to speed up some bottlenecks in my calculations (and simply to learn how it works...).

As I frequently need complex numbers, Fortran looked like the more appropriate choice. This is mainly because Maple can help with generating small code snippets for complex-valued functions whereas the code generation for C/C++ requires more manual work...

Hello Maple experts,

I am preparing a little package for Maple for which I would like to set the Digits variable to the maximum possible value with hardware floating point evaluation. I know that this is done with

Digits := trunc(evalhf(Digits));

However, as advertised in the help pages, a change of the Digits variable won't persist when done inside a procedure. When preparing my package I can specify some 'setup' commands that are executed when loading the package but changing the Digits setting seems to be impossible...

Hello Maple experts,

I'm currently trying to get more familiar with semidefinite programs (SDP), i.e. I want to minimize/maximize a linear objective matrix function over linear equality/inequality constraints with a positive semidefinite matrix condition.

It seems that there are a number of Matlab packages available but so far I couldn't really see how I could do this with Maple (which I would prefer to Matlab if there is a reasonable solution...)

Hello Maple experts,


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