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I am trying to create an array whose elements are from another matrix. Suppose I have a matrix of n cross m dimension my array will have a dimension of 1 cross n*m. When I create  array I am getting error. The array contains only last element of matrix. The expected answer is given in attachment.


I have written a code for minimizing a multivariable function using Gauss newton method. But i am getting error 

restart; with(LinearAlgebra); with(Student[MultivariateCalculus]); f := unapply(x1*exp(t*x2-y), x1, x2); tt := Matrix(5, 1, [1, 2, 4, 5, 8]); yy := Matrix(5, 1, [3.2939, 4.2699, 7.1749, 9.3008, 20.259]); ff := f(2.50, .25); for ii to 5 do t := tt[ii][1]; y := yy[ii][1]; Jf := Student[MultivariateCalculus][Gradient](f(x1, x2), [x1, x2] = [2.50, .25]); JF := Transpose(Jf[1]); JR := Transpose(Transpose(ff).JF); HF := Transpose(JF).JF; P := LinearSolve(HF, -JR); printf("%a  \n", P) end do

Vector(2, [0.,-1.], datatype = float[8])  

Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-LA_Main:-BackwardSubstitute) inconsistent system





I have multiple accounts. I would like to delete them. Please tell me how to delete it. Thank you.

I am trying to solve a second order differential equation but getting error. The differential equation valid for r>0.



I am trying to solve system of differential equation as shown in file attached. The differentail eqaution has peicewise function for t=8*n and t not equal to 8*n where n is a positive integer. but i am getting error. please help.




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