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These are questions asked by radaar


W := proc ()

      global rf;

     rf := add(xx[ii]^2-nn, ii = 1 .. nn);

    return rf ;

   end proc;

Optimization:-Minimize(W(), nn = 1 .. 5, seq(xx[ii] = 1 .. 10, ii = 1 .. nn));

Error, (in W) unable to execute add


Please solve

I am trying to use task programming but getting incorrect results and taking more time when using a single core.  Please help


I am trying a multistart local search over a multimodal function. I need to locate around 700 local minima where the dimension of the function is very high. It will be really helpful if the computational time can be reduced. Thank you.



Does maple provide any method for finding the saddle point of a function? Thank you

Is it possible to import 3rd party python packages like pyGPGO (A  Bayesian Optimization package) available in github. Please reply. Thanks a lot 

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