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@radaar  Please see the code below


@Carl Love Yes. Is there a way to solve this issue

@mmcdara Can i use Map function here instead of for loop

are you giving a numerical value as the initial and ending index ?

@mmcdara Sorry for the inconvenience. I expect a general way where you can make use of parallelization aspects. What could be a general approach to higher dimensional optimization problems using Minimize

@mmcdara Is there a way to parallelize the code

@Kitonum Yes thank you

@acer Ok I will try this out. Thanks a lot

@vv So it will give both minima and saddle points right?

@acer Sorry for the inconvenience. I am thinking of multimodal function (eg. Ackley function in 20 dimensions). I need to show a finite number of saddle points (more than 10). Numeric approximation is fine. Thank you.

@Carl Love Thanks a lot for all support. 

@Carl Love Thank you. I admit the serious mistake in ignoring your replies to my previous questions. 


My reasoning:

  in the first line of the second example, variable 'a' can access the global variable as seen from the first example. 

Now things are getting clear. Actually I have a similar case in my mind. Please see the following




    return a:
    end proc:

output: a+10






      i:=i+2:      #### implicit local 
      return i
     end proc:

output: i+2

if we assign the output to another variable and try to output the variable it shows too many level of recursion


@Carl Love 


Found a book that has somewhat advanced concepts for this topic.

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