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I solved it. went to the location then ./maple filename > output.txt.  that did the job. Thank you. So for running multiple file do I need to use multiple terminals??


I tried the command in linux it is showing no such directory


Sorry. Can you please help. Thank you.


I have already posted it but no reply that is why I posted it again.




When I do the same it shows complex float problem


similar approach to hypergeometric function possible?


Yes speeding up


Sorry for late reply. yes you are correct. Please see below example




So my idea is expressing the last posted integral as reimann sum so that i can use evalhf instead of evalf.

@Carl Love 

my purpose is to speed up the computation.

@Joe Riel 

Is there any way to improve the fast of computing integral considering 1000 terms in the array. Thank you

@Carl Love 

    So if the number of terms in the array is small it is better to go with the code which I have written. is that so?. I hope maplesoft will provide some good video lectures on these topics in future. I am really looking for these. Thank you


I tried all of them but there is no much use. 


Thank you. Can you tell me a best book for maple sooftware.

@Carl Love 

yes i am using read command sir. What can i do? . How can i run evalhf. It is really faster compared to evalf.

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