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@Kitonum, In this case, each time it is a different iteration limit. What I want is suppose I set iteration limit can i see each iteration result. Because in the above case you are using a for loop. This idea is difficult if the function evaluation cost is high. What i want to know whether there is any default setting.

@ for eg rosenbrock kind of functions

@Carl Love sorry i am refering to high dimensional multimodal functions

@acer  rugged landscapes






Thanks a lot



   Thank you. the error is following

Error, (in Optimization:-NLPSolve) no improved point could be find


So what should be inserted in the catch command

@Carl Love 

I am using a procedure which has Int function and Iam using Minimize command

@acer is there any option to see the value of output at the current iteration. is it possible to give tolerance? 

@Kitonum Thanks a lot. It worked

Can anybody give me much more clarification or any user manual with examples. Most of the time maple help page sucks



@Carl Love 

Please see this example it eats a lot of memory. Is there any solution for this problem



@Carl Love 

Yes I tried this to some other functions and found the memory usage crossing 99%.so I stopped it. May be I will try map instead of Map. 


   If possible can you please post the code so that I can get some more idea. Thanks a lot.

@Carl Love 

 What about memory usage. Will Grid:-Map use a lot of memory. 

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