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@Carl Love 

my purpose is to speed up the computation.

@Joe Riel 

Is there any way to improve the fast of computing integral considering 1000 terms in the array. Thank you

@Carl Love 

    So if the number of terms in the array is small it is better to go with the code which I have written. is that so?. I hope maplesoft will provide some good video lectures on these topics in future. I am really looking for these. Thank you


I tried all of them but there is no much use. 


Thank you. Can you tell me a best book for maple sooftware.

@Carl Love 

yes i am using read command sir. What can i do? . How can i run evalhf. It is really faster compared to evalf.

@Mac Dude 

Actually I am not using restart inside procedure. I am using it at the start of my code which is as usual.

@Joe Riel 

Sorry for not giving any details. Especially when the arguments of a procedure contain matrices. Thank you.


@Carl Love 

YES, when i enter 2+2 or such things it is printing. but while submitting mpl file nothing it shows. I read that running job in a terminal will be faster. Is it correct?


There are a lot of problems while using the GUI version. Apart from the above problems, it is common that whenever we put a bracket it will come very big and look very awkward. So I think it will be good if someone can post a detailed answer on this topic. In the maple help page, there is hardly any information. Thank you

@Carl Love 

It is not showing anything on the command prompt.I am testing with a simple file which just prints some numbers.

@Carl Love 

Thank you. So where i will get the output.

@Carl Love 

See the pic below. In GUI version, it hangs when I write some codes with 150 lines and usually when trying to copy a line. In the last line, i am giving the name of the file.



Yes Thanks a lot. It helped to solve the issue.


I need to generate random numbers using levy distribution

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