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Dr. Robert J. Lopez, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA, is an award winning educator in mathematics and is the author of several books including Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Addison-Wesley 2001). For over two decades, Dr. Lopez has also been a visionary figure in the introduction of Maplesoft technology into undergraduate education. Dr. Lopez earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from Purdue University, his MS from the University of Missouri - Rolla, and his BA from Marist College. He has held academic appointments at Rose-Hulman (1985-2003), Memorial University of Newfoundland (1973-1985), and the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (1970-1973). His publication and research history includes manuscripts and papers in a variety of pure and applied mathematics topics. He has received numerous awards for outstanding scholarship and teaching.

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Each of my two previous two blog posts (Maple Gems, More Maple Gems) contained five "gems" from my Little Red Book of Maple Magic, a red ring-binder in which I record...

In a recent blog post, I discussed five "gems" in my Little Red Book of Maple Magic, a notebook I use to keep track of the Maple wisdom I glean from interactions with the Maple programmers in the building. Here are five more such "gems" that appeared in a Tips & Techniques column in a recent issue of the ...


Update - April 4, 2011: I corrected a typo in Table 2, first column, bottom row.  What was sqrt(6) has been changed to sqrt(5).


Since coming to Maplesoft in 2003, I've kept a notebook of "gems" I've gleaned from consulting with the programmers in the building. I call it my "Little Red Book of Maple Magic." It really is red. The first spiral-bound notebook was little, and it was red. When it overflowed, I moved the notes to a red ring-binder. But it's not so little any more.

I have always preferred the notation  for the derivative of

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