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I finally got that C program to run Maple with OpenMaple, but... After a couple dozen compiles and runs (adding things in, you know),it still compiles properly, but when I ran the executable I suddenly started getting the console message "Can't Start Maple, Socket 124 listen failed (err=10022) I reverted back to a previous version that had properly compiled and run before, and when I re-compiled, the executable still gave this message! What could it possibly be?
I am trying to invoke Maple from a C program, using OpenMaple, copying the Maple help screen example (see StartMaple). I've of course changed the path to the header file. However, I get a linker error: 'StartMaple is an unrecognized function'. I take this to mean that the .lib and or .dll maplec files are not being linked in, but I can't seem to figure out how to. I'm using Dev-C++ as the compiler. Anyone have experience with this
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