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Take for instance the signal [1,0,-3,2,1,0,1,2] (considered in Wavelets for Kids, Vidakivic & Mueler, AMS, 1991).

I want to anlalyse it down to the level zero with Haar wavelets. It seems that MAPLE's commnad only applies once.





T:= a vector

Iwant to make a single plot of:

DiscretePlot(T,x1,stile=stair); DisdretPlot(T,x2,stile=stair)

The usal way: DiscreePlot(T,[x1,x2]... ain't work

Thansk for helping

I want to refer to the first element in a list such as x:=[1,2,3] as x[0] not x[1].

How to do it?

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