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Hi I have the following maple file. Is anyone able to convert the maple code of the calculation of the reflected lines to the simple mathematical steps which are used to calcualte it. The calcualtion of the outgoing ray is from: if (abs(dr) > 0.001) then # if slope = 0 no outgoing ray > m := (dr^2 - 1)/(2 * dr): > ix := (height - y)/m: # > if ix <> tx := -width: > ty := y + m * (tx - x): > elif # Calculation of outgoing ray > ix > width then #
I have the following maple file. Is it possible to instead of having the incoming rays at a vertical at intervals along the x axis, whether to have them emerging from a single point on the y axis, and also whether this point can moved up and down the y axis. Thanks View on MapleNet or Download
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I have to following Maple file and from the graph that is plotted the I need to find how far each of the reflected rays falls from a common focus. Is it possible to read the values of the y-intercept of each of the refelcted rays and then either output these to a file or to directly plot a graph showing the distance each ray falls from the common focus. Thanks Download 3259_Mirror.mws
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What would be the simplest method using maple to calcualte the angles of incidence/reflection of straight lines from a common point striking the internal surface of a circle. If the centre of the circle lies on the y-axis and circumference touches x-axis forming a semi circle. Is it possible to represent graphically the setup and also have calculations giving accurate reflected rays from the surface of the curve, for the various points along the x-axis. Thanks

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