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Dear Scott, jpmay, Neither _EnvAllSolutions:=true nor AllSolutions in the line have a desired effect on the result.
I have a large matrix of omega, k1, k2 named M. I want to evaluate its Determinant and solve it for omega. Then I want to plot the real solutions of omega versus k1 or k2 or k1=k2=k in a range (0..0.5). For this purpose, I've written the codes as follows: [I'm a M.Sc student in physics and almost a newcomer in Maple.] M:=Matrix(num,num,g); #here num=7 N:=Determinant(M); L:=proc(x,y) local H, sol, p, z; global N, ω; uses RealDomain; H:=evalf(subs(k1=x, k2=y, N)); sol:=[solve(H=0,ω)]; p:=nops(%); if type(x,symbol) then z:=x; else z:=y; fi; plot({seq(sol[i],i=1..p)},z=0..0.5); end; L(k,0), L(0.5,k), L(k,k) will give me the desired results but when the matrix becomes larger, the computation time grows very much. Concerning real solutions, I just wanted to know that besides using RealDomain package, is there any other simple and accurate way for obtaining those and also I should decrease the computation time if possible. I will be glad if one could help me on this subject. Thanks a lot
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