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Is there any software for converting a Fortran program to a Maple one? Is there any way for changing Fortran codes to Maple?

What shall I do when I recieve an error message in Maple10 saying Maple was unable to allocate enough memory(for example as a result of computing a large determinant of 3 parameters(13*13 or even more)). Can Maple11 compute such a det?
Is there any any algorithm for computing large determinants of polynomials?
In writing codes how can we reduce the CPU comutation time spent for e.g. finding a large Determinant of order 15*15(or even more) of 2 or 3parameters.puting it to zero and solving it for one of the parameters? suppose I have a Matrix of 3 parameters(a,b,c) named M, with(LinearAlgebra): N:=Determinant(M); solve(N=0,a); Here what shall I do for reducing the CPU spent time?
How can I use an 'if clause function' in a summation? Suppose we have codes as follows: > Q[0]:=[0,0]:Q[1]:=[1,0]: > len:=A->sqrt(A[1]^2+A[2]^2): > kappa:=proc(y) local h;h:=[0,0];if y=h then 5; else 1/len(y);fi;end; > s:=R->sum(kappa(R-Q[n])*e(Q[n]),n=0..1): > s([1,0]); Error, (in NumericRange) summand is singular in the interval of summation It seems that when kappa comes into a summation form, it couldn't run the 'if clause'. What is my error in writing these codes?
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