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These are questions asked by sarju115

how do you calculate the inverse of a matrix A??

Is it Inverse(A) or inv(A)? Do I have to call [with (Matlab):]??

whats the difference between A.B and A&*B given that both A and B are matrices.


do you know how i can define a matrix as local variables inside a  procedure?

for eg if we want to declare T as a 4*4 zero matrix and K as 6*6 zero matrix, is the followin ok:

local T::matrix(4,4,0),K(6,6,0);




i'm trying to run the following procedure:

> restart; with(LinearAlgebra);
> test:=proc(alpha, beta);
print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder
Error, unterminated procedure

           procApplyFunction(αcomma β),


the problem is as follows:

if((a>0) and (b>0) then (c:=2*a, d:=3b, e:=9b.....)

elif ((a<0) and (b>0)) then (c:=.., d:=..., e:=....)



else c:=..., d:=..., e:=...

end if


i know i have the if conditions right, but not sure about sequential conditions..what is the correct syntax for this??

I'm getting errors like parse errors, unterminated if, and invalid sequence (on the :=)...

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