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I have a 1x3 matrix, with s0,s1,s2 terms in it. For example :
[(s-s1)*(s-s2). (s-s0)*(s-s2), (s-s0)*(s-s1)]

Is there a simple way that i can integrate the first one by s, second one by s0 and third one by s1?

to get a matrix for example:

[(int((s-s1)*(s-s2),s). int((s-s0)*(s-s2),s0), int((s-s0)*(s-s1),s1)]

Please advice,


Hi, I have a vector with 33 points ####[33x1]Matrix### for example : [43.6, 764,3.85,32.7 .........n]

Each point is at the plotted on the x axis of theha:Matrix([seq((Pi/32)*n,n=0..32)])^%T:   ####another[33x1]Matrix#####

How do I plot first point (0,43.6), second point (Pi/32,764), third point (2Pi/32,3.85) etc...

Please help. Thank you.

Hi, I am trying to have a sequence of (0,Pi/32,2Pi/32,3Pi/32...Pi)

Here is what I did : theta:=[seq((Pi/33).n,n=0..32]:

Question 1 : Is this the same as doing 0:Pi/32:Pi in matlab?

Question 2 : how do i select the output? for example output 5 which is 4Pi/32.

Question 3 : how do I multiply it with another sequence of (0,2,4,6,.......64)? for example to get a new set of numbers (0,2Pi/32,8Pi/32.....)

Please help. Thanks.

Hi, I have a matrix D which is a 33x33 matrix. I find the eigenvector using "Eigenvectors(D)". It gives me the eigenvalue together with the eigenvector. Then, i want to multiply the eignevector with another 33x33 matrix. How can I get the eigenvector without the eigenvalues attached to it? please advice.

Many thanks.

Hi, was wondering if there is a way that i can integrate each element in my matrix?

N0:=zeta->Matrix([[-2*(1-zeta)*(zera-1/2)],[4*zeta*(1-zeta)],[(2*zeta)*(zeta-1/2)]])^%T   ###1x3 matrix

N1:=zeta->N0(zeta)^%T ###3x1 matrix

dot product of N0 and N1 is a 3x3 matrix

Can in integrate the 3x3 matrix? each of the element by zeta from 0 to 1.

Please advice. Many thanks. =D


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