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Hi, can you please show me how to use the Hankel function on Maple please?

Here is my equation, "P2a(P),PP+Pa(P),P- Ra(P)+P2a(P)=0" i'm trying to solve for "a(P)". Subscript of P means partial differentiation.  

Many thanks

Hi, this is probably very simple but I can't seem to get Maple to show me the Matrix that I want. Could you please let me know what is the problem?



N:=s->[N0(s) N1(s)];

Both `$`N(s) and N(s) shows me the statement "error, in N[0] too many levels of recursion"

Then I change to Nj:=s->[N0(s) N1(s)];

The solution comes out to be [N


I would like to discribe the following function.


N(s) and w(ξ) are both matrix. I have defined N(s) but will be searching for w(ξ) much later in the process. Why does it not allow me to define a partial derivative of w(ξ) now for future use? d/dξ(w(ξ)) is not allowed. it says that "Error, invalid input: w uses a 2nd argument, s, which is missing". But my w(ξ) only depends on the variable ξ.

2nd question, how do i tell maple that x...

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