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Can I use the solve function with complex number?

i.e) a simple example

7 = solve(magnitude((2+j7) / (1+j*x), x)

How to implement the above to solve x in Maple?

seems Maple doesn't treat the complex sign of j as complex.

solve(sqrt(5)=abs(1+k*I), k);

I got k as
-I*(5^(1/2)-1), (5^(1/2)+1)*I

I might expect the k for 2.




Assume we have several impedance connected in parallel.

R1, L1, C1, R2

In Mathematics,

R_total = R1 || sL1 || 1/sC1 || R2

Is there possible to calculate the R_total using one of Maple function??





Assume I have a transfer function in "s" term and symbolic parameters (A, B, C, and D).

TF := (1+s*D)/(A*s^2 + B*s + C)



How can I convert the above TF in generic form in term of damping ratio?

The generic form can be written as (1+sD)/(s^2 + 2*damp*wn*s + wn^2)

Should I use a "collrect" or "simpligy" function to re-write original TF in generic form?

Let's say we re-write TF in generic form.

Hi, Let's say there is a equation as following: a+b+c How can I save each term by "+" into an array? I.e) a+b+c Then I'd like to save each paramter split by "+" into an array. a is saved to array[0] b is saved to array[1] c is saved to array[2] I'm not sure I could make it in Maple. Any idea using Maple? Thanks!
Hi, I'm trying to plot a simple function of K*Cos(w1*t)+K*Cos(W2*t)+K*Cos(W3*t) in frequency domain using Maple. Y-axis can be the amplitude and X-axis is frequency domain in radian. I could use Fourier transform to conver the time domain to frequency domain function. But, Since the w1, w2, and w3 are undefined values, I don't know how I could draw it in symbolc way in frequency domain. Here is my assumption for w1, w2, and w3. w2-w1 not equal to w3-w2 They could certain frequencies in positive. K is a positive constant. I expect a plot as following:
          |       |     |   |
          |       |     |   |
----------|-------w1----w2--w3----------> w [Rad/sec]
As seen, w1, w2, and w3 has a different interval and Dirac pulse at w1, w2 and w3 domain with an amplitude of K. I have no idea how I could implement this symbolic plot in Maple. Should I use some assumption statement? or programming?? Please help. Thanks,
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