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thanks for your replying sir. but is not alpha =0 is the trivial solution by putting one of the variables equal zero and solve the system of equation on one variable.  is there any replacement to fsolve that help to solve more complex system of equations

@Carl Love Thanks a lot for your helping sir you always  help me in different situations 

thanks a lot for your help it's really working for me@acer 



thanks, a lot, for your help 

but I totally understand what do you mean sir

but mathematically when Z tends to infinity  how integ tends to zero

@vv thanks, a lot, for your help 


thanks, a lot, sir  your solution is the most simple one and really works for me 


suppose that 
b:=[1,2,3] i want to put a for loop by saying for first time randomly eliminate 1 item of members a  then for second iteration  randomly eliminate 2 and so on, your comond sir is eliminate the comon members in both sets

@Carl Love 

sir i cant understand this line you give then how i apply it .is there amuch simple way to randomlly remove anumber of n element of alist

@Carl Love 

thanks for your responding sir;

it's quite of related to my work . depending on the shap op the list b i randomlly eliminated amember of a.

is there is any way to eliminate an amount of members of list by using asimple code in maple


thanks alot it really help


thanks alot sir it realy works,

i have another Question is there any tool in Sumtool help to evaluate the sum very Quiqly


thanks alot of your help;

Hfloot (infinity) it's aresult of aloop consist of 1000 iteration.

some times maple give me aresult of the integration Hfloot. I hope that enough to understand what i mean.

does the comand Expand help to make the evaluation quick over integration?


Your answers really helped me; 



you are agenious sir it actually work thanks alot so much

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