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These are questions asked by shrey183

I could keep on using the commands 




but then this is not helpful because I do not get non-isomorphic graph each time and there are repetitions. So any other suggestions would be very helpful. 

I have to first plot the some point like (-1,4), (0,3), (1,4) etc. and then I wish to know how I can connect them with a line. 

A lemniscate is a polar curve of the form r^2=a^2*cos(2*theta) or r^2=a^2*sin(2*theta). I have just started using Maple and I wrote the following commands: 

> with(plots):
> polarplot(2*sqrt(cos(2*t)), axiscoordinates = cartesian, angularunit = radian, color = "Black");

But I am getting the following graph 

which is not satisfactory since some points are missing. I know that using the square root may have caused this, but I am not sure as to how should I resolve this issue. I used plus/minus symbol before the expression 2(cos(2t))^(0.5) but there was an error and the discontinuity still persisits. Kindly help me in plotting this curve. 

Thank you.

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