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These are questions asked by sigl1982


To check my arguments in a procedure I need something like

myproc := proc(M :: Matrix(square, rational)

                       , N :: Matrix(shape=triangular[lower, unit], datatype = rational
                       , O :: Matrix(shape = square, dimension = 5


end proc;

How does that work in Maple? What is the correct Syntax? I tried many different things that doesn't fit.

Hello everybody,

i'm searching for a data-structure similar to the C++ std::unordered_map, so that the access time is konstant O(1) and no matter about the order. What access time does a table() in Maple have, it seems to be not O(1).




When I try to put the Gcdex in a procedure and start maplemint, then there occurs an error.

Gcdex(x^2 - 1, x - 2, x ,'s','t') mod 3;

--> works


a := proc()
    Gcdex(x^2 - 1, x - 2, x ,'s','t') mod 3;
end proc;

Then there is an error I don't understand.

Error, (in maplemint/expression) not implemented POLY

By the way I have a fundamental problem to understand, where the values s and t are saved after calling Gcdex (or Quo, Rem, etc.). Till now I thought, that variables s and t are created, but when I declare s, t at the beginning as local variables and start maplemint, then there is something like:

    These parameters have the same name as constants:
    These local variables were used before they were assigned a value:
      r::name, (-x-1)::name, (x-1)::name

So the names of s and t changed, they don't assign a new value? I don't understand that.



I want to use Maple from a good text-editor. I heard about EMACS and MapleV.

I have installed Maple 18 (windows 10) and GNU Emacs 25.1.1 (x86_64-w64-mingw32) and Joe Riels mapleV Emacs Mode 2.33. I tried to follow all steps in the Install-Dokumentation  doc/maplev.html#Installation, I failed at A.1 Emacs Files.

My Emacs lisp files located at:  

Byte-compile them from Emacs with the command


gives the result:

With the Syntax without leading point (as in documentation)


gives the result:

Who knows, whats wrong? I've never used Emacs before.


my problem is, that the time or profiling results are not fine enough.

For example time is only measureable in a 16ms step on my system. Is there any way to measure time more fine, perhaps in a 1ms step or nanoseconds?

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