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At the top of the first page that opens it says Package ID: 5137472255164416

Use this package ID along with the PackageTools:-GetProperty command to get the package version.

PackageTools:-GetProperty(5137472255164416, "X-CloudVersion")


This is different than the Version command implemented as part of the Physics package.

Saving a variable to the workbook does not change the state of the variable in any Maple kernel backing the document.  This means that if the variable z has already been accessed it will continue to retain the it's value regardless of whether the variable is re-saved.  If you want to force the variable to the saved value then do a 

> restart;


Also you can use a maple code attachment like you would an external .mpl file. Execute the following line

> read("this://c1");


If you want to share state between multiple worksheets in Maple then you can also use shared kernel mode.

Tools->Options->General->How should Maple handle the creation of new Math Engines?->Share one engine among all documents

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