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These are questions asked by sourav

for a to z1/T1 do ics[a*T1] := [g0(0, a*T1) = r, g0(1, a*T1) = s] end, this loop runs correctly for T1:=1, but gives the too many levels of recursion error for T1<1. In this loop i am inserting equations g0 in a list ics.

sin(Pi*1.0) returns -4.102067616*10^(-10). How do i make it return exact zero?

I have a set of equations icsi and a set of variables v. How do i assign each solution to the variable before solving the next equation?

I tried- for i from 1 to 3 do solvedi := solve(icsi, vi);assign(solvedi); end. This didn't work for me.

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