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Does anyone know why, if you plot a discontinuous function of one variable, Maple's default behavior is to try to make the function continuous by adding a vertical line segment?  I don't know why anyone would anyone would ever want to graph a function this way.  As far as I know, you have to use the option "discont=true" to remove the vertical segment, which is a hassle.  I consider this to be practically a bug.  I couldn't...

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The title is the question.  I defined a function in Maple, which works.  I am trying to get Maple to compute its derivatives.  I want to save the derivatives as functions.  Here is a code snippet.  The function itself works.  I have uploaded the worksheet.  Mapleprimes seems to have copied the entire worksheet into this question when I uploaded the worksheet. 


[begin code snippet]

I am trying to get Maple 16.02 to evaluate

cos(Pi/4 - I*ln(2))

using exactly the syntax I just typed.  The correct answer is 3/4 + I/4.  I cannot get Maple to give me this correct, simplified answer.  I have tried "expand", "simplify", and "value", and I get garbage containing terms such as


How can I force Maple to give me the simplest answer?

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I just installed Maple 16 on my home PC.  I prefer using Classic Worksheet Maple, so that I can actually tell what I have typed, and what I type appears in red typewriter font.  I also would like matching parentheses to blink when I enter stuff so I enter the right number of parentheses.  Maple works this way on my office PC, but I can't get it to work this way at home.  I could simply use regular Maple 16 (not Classic Worksheet...

I am trying to evalute a double integral symbolically using Maple 15.  I have gotten it to work when some of the parameters are specific numbers, but it won't work if I use variables, even if I assume sufficient conditions on them for the integral to make sense.  I have tried to use AllSolutions but it didn't work.  Breaking it down into steps isn't working either. 

I am working on a file on a remote server and I don't think I can upload it here. ...

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