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Hi all, i'm trying to generate a sequence of matrices from a matrix with variable coefficients with "seq":

seq(Vector(3, {(1) = 3, (2) = y, (3) = 11-4*y}),y=0..10) 

but it does not seem to work. Do you know why is that, and how can I perform this computation?


Hi, is there in Maple a generic identity matrix, i.e. with (symbolic) identity matrix behavior? I need it in order to perform some symbolic matrix computations, for example: (I-A).(I+A+A^2+...) Thanks,

hi and thanks for your comment, is it possible to establish some dir as default currentdir (independently of how maple is started)?. How can I know which maple procedures will use currentdir as default directory? Perhaps all of them? If not, what about the others? what does "home directory" mean in maple context? thanks again

Hello, can anybody explain-me (or give-me a link about) the Maple default directory configuration. Specially the signification and difference between the terms: currentdir homedir (in kernelopts) UserDirectory (in maplesys.ini file) Thank-you
Is it possible to add block comments in maple. Like, for example, /* ...*/ in java. Thank you.
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