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Maple is to me difficult. The first version I bought was Maple9, and it was more than 15 years ago. But, I couldn't use it, feeling it too difficult. But, three years ago, I thought Maple might be helpful to my study, and since then, I have continued to learn Maple. As I got able to read the Maple help, I think that I could get to use maple better now than before. But, I feel that I am a beginner yet.

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These are questions asked by taro

I can't simplify the expression of 





Please tell me how to do this.


Thank you in advance.


Taro yamada

I want to taylor-expand cos(x) to the powers of two, four, and six, then to make equations which does not contain O(x^2) etc. and to obtain its value at x=0.1.

For that, I wrote as the following.



All of the above were not good.

On earth, I couldn't pick up each of the result of
with op(1,a).

How can I solve this problem?

I want to collect a two terms expression x/2+y/2.

But, I cannot do it as follows.

> x/2+y/2;

> normal(%);


result was 1/2*x+1/2*y.

With which can I have maple modify the above expression to (x+y)/2.


Thank you in advance.







I calculated following two expressions, x1,and x2.




The results of these are

f(a) + f(b)

f(y) = f(a + b)

for each. And, I can understand the logic of this.


If I want to derive the result of x2 as f(y)=f(a)+f(b), how should I do about x2?

Isn't there other way than to write

map(f, lhs(x2))=map(f,rhs(x2))


Please teach me this.

Thank you in advance.




How can I show the expression of the following summation as the output, not 11?



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