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Hi all, I'm sure this is very simple - but I simply can't figure out how to do it - and I can't find any information on it. I have an equation which has been integrated and that's all wondering. However, I would like the equation to be outputted on a single line so I can copy from one window and paste it into another. As it stands Maple displays the equation over several lines so I can't do this. I could of course retype it - but its rather complex and I'd rather have the equation that Maple outputs so I know there isn't a mistake I've introduced. For what I can tell this is Maple's 2d maths display, which is default. I can see how to change it in a gui version of Maple, however, I don't have access to a gui version - its command line on linux... Its Maple 10 as well if that helps at all.
Hello all, I have a question about numerical integration in Maple. I have an equation (a PDF) which I need a numerical answer from as Maple can't find a closed form solution (which isn't too surprising given the equation in question). Anyway, the equation has several parameters which are varied and the equation looped over. That's no problem, and generally Maple will find a numerical solution to the problem. However, towards the extreme value case I get error messages basically saying Maple hasn't found a numerical result. The equation giving the error is: -20.01782577 I exp(-490.0000000 - 50. x) (-0.1625801243 10^212 I + erf(0.2258769757 I (9801. + 980. x)^1/2 - 0.2258769757 I)) dx
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