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Hi, I'm running into difficulty regarding plotting an array I have.  I have an array of 500 elements and each element corresponds to an even integer.  Hence I want to plot for x=1..1000 where array[1] is plotted at x=2, array[2] is plotted at x=4 etc, and the odd numbers are left empty.  How do I do this.  I tried

fn := proc(n)
  global array:
  if n mod 2 = 0 then return array[n/2]:
  end if:
end proc:

Hi, sorry to open a new thread but the last one just got a bit too messy. - What I want to do. - What I have tried to do so far.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

My problem statement is here -

Now,  I want to know if this would be relatively simple to plot?  I hope to find a table of the non-trivial zeroes somewhere to save maple computing them.  If I did that, does anyone know how I would plot this?

For anyone interested, this is supposed to simulate the prime counting function.



Hi there, could someone help me plot zeta(0.5 + it) as seen here -


I assume I need to import some complex plot package?

This may have an annoyingly simple answer but I cannot seem to plot the prime counting function

plot(pi(x), x=0..100);


This just gives me an empty plot.  Any ideas?

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