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Hello together,


thanks for helping me with my earlier problem. I now managed to put toether a plot which suits my purposes, but i can't manage to Export it using the e.g. plotsetup(gif, plotoutput = "C:\\Test.gif") command.

I don't get an output but a warning: Warning, ignoring axis information in _AXIS[n] structures

If i switch back to plotsetup(default) everything is displayed in the editor window.

Anybody any ideas? If...

Hello togehter,

i switched for various reasons from Gnuplot to Maple for plotting my data.

1) Is there a way to label the secondary x (top) and secondary y axis (right) in boxed axis style. Attached you find a picture from a Gnuplot i've done and the plot i'm currently working on in maple.

2) I do like the black "cross" in the midlle refering to the x,y axis at zero positions. Is there a way to do this, as well.


Hello (again),

is there a possibility in MAPLE to draw multiple plots on a e.g. 2x2 grid (see image below). In Gnuplot this is feasible with the multiplot option? Is there a MAPLE equivalent...





i'd like to fit data of a Matrix M with M[x][y] = z(x,y) to a general parabola of the form: z=a*x^2+b*y^2+c*x+d*y+e

I'd like to use the statistics[Fit] package. Reading the documentation this should work but it doesn't

Please try the following code as example:

M := randmatrix(5, 5);
XYValues := convert(sort(permute([seq(1 .. 5), seq(1 .. 5)], 2)), matrix);
ZValues := convert(Flatten(convert(M, listlist)), vector);

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