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Hello everyone,

I have a function of 5 variables, A, P, N, k. I want to solve and express as a power series of 'k'


and gather the coefficients of each power.

However, the result I obtain in my code differs from the analytical value I found. What am I doing wrong?


I am trying to expand a multivariable (more specifically 4 variables) function in powers of one of its variables when it goes to infinity.

However, the result I get is always zero, even if I input (or not) values for some of the other variables.

Can anybody help?

P.s.: I want to do the same for the other two functions I defined in the worksheet as well.

Hello everyone,

Even using the command "discont=true", some of the functions I plot still present discontinuities, but some of them do not present.

How can I fix this? This one file ilustrates perfectly the problem.

I want to plot all three "roots" of the polynom I called 'H[i]' for different values of 'V', in the interval k=0.0..1.0, all in the same plot.

How can I do it, both for real and imaginary parts of H[i]?

Thanks for your help.

I selected an element from a 'solve'command that depends on 3 variables (let's say a, b and c), and I want to make it a function f without rewriting everything.

Can I simply type 'f:=(%)', or is there another command to do it? Yet, do I need to write the dependence on the 3 variables I mentioned?

Thank you for you time!

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