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Is it possible to find where a parametric intersects with itself?

For example, lets have the parametric:


For what value values of t will it yield the same (x,y) cordinate. 


Persay I have a sinusodal function or dampened sinusodial; it is understand that the domain is from negative infinity to infinity.  Say I wish to find the zeros or a certain y value of a sinusodial on a restricted domain - say from A to B. How would I tell maple -syntax wise- to solve on that restricted domain? Using the solve feature on maple, it only yields 1 value that satisfies the condition I give it .


Thank you all for the support; you al l are allowing to me develop a better understanding for maple.

say I have the functions:



i wish to find all the x values that satisfy that system on the x domain of 0 to 100

ode_problem.mw Can someone please look at this? I am having a problem with the ordinary differential equations. 




Is there any way to add arrows to the parametrics plot to show the direction they are going? Thanks. 


How would I tell maple to solve for the variable t? The answer should be 4. 



I need to set them equal to eachother and then solve for t. 



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