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amazing work , thankyou sir @Kitonum 

thankyou @acer , yes i want to display all T,M,N,L with fixed time respect to E. You hv shown the results I expected :)
can you explain me your idea for simplification?

thankyou @dharr , like my previous reply, I just want to display a plot with time (t) fixed (E parameter on horizontal axis)
but this still helps me understand the computation for my problem, many thanks.
*sorry for my late respon

thankyou @dharr I just realized it

thankyou @Carl Love , the way you explain make me understand the issues about my problem, yes i just want a plot 2D that describe P,M,N,L (all compartments) in fixed time (specically on equilibrium point) with respect to an E parameter.

@vv this "parse" command is so amazing, this solve my problem, thankyou :))

just realized it, I was too strict to the format, thank you very much
now maplet work well, but still its need declaration for those variabel (o,xxx,co) in the procedure 

when i delete this row on proc

xxx:=x[2, 0], x[2, 1], x[2, 2], x[1, 0], x[1, 1];

means that the variable refers to the value that we input manual with  "Get"  tools,
its give this error:
"objective function must be specified as a linear", 

do you know why when we refer to data from "get" it gives an error?
even it looks the same way, many thanks @tomleslie



Thankyou for your advices

@Kitonum Thankyou for your answer, i rly appreciate it,  now i see why i cant solve this model analyticaly..
actually the model has been modified for simplification, the real model is to changed A and B with

A := 1/(1+V(t)); B := T(t)*(1-(T(t)+Ti(t))/Tm),


then i got the same error with you, what do you think? is there another way to find a numerical approach?

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