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Hi Venky,

  1. Yes, you can export the S-Function block generated by MapleSim to Targetlink. However you will need to modify the existing generated C code by replace the double precision "double" type with the Simulink real type "real_T" because you run our mscript to generate the S-Function block. This is due to the fact that dSpace currently supports single floating precision only. Also, Targetlink from dSpace does not support the export of constraint project "mdlProjection" method for the time being.

  2. There is no special solver provided with the S-Function from MapleSim as it is currently in Simulink's default solvers. Furthermore, we have implemented our S-Function in such a way that you do not need to write any additional device driver or tlc file for tuning the parameters on the S-Function. We have tested this on a Quanser setup.

  3. Currently the code generation product we have does not support discrete or hybrid (system which have components running on both discrete and continuous domain) models. It is in our future roadmap to incorporate this functionality.


Sincerely yours,


Wilson Wong


Simulation Software Group, Maplesoft

Hi chris,


you can use the following line


                                     v - vo
                                 a = ------
                                v = a t + vo
sort(isolate(eq1,v), indets(eq1), ascending);

                                v = vo + a t


It will also work with multi-case as well



                       a + b c + d e + f g h + i j + k

sort(eq1, indets(eq1), ascending);

                       k + a + i j + d e + b c + f g h



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