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Maple T.A. 6 has released and I am very interested in integration with Moodle. However, I wonder why Mac OS X is not supported for Maple T.A. server. I strongly request compatibility of Maple T.A. with Mac OS X in the near future.
I recently submitted my work to Maple Application Center and I received a bug report from a staff. Then, I resubmitted it after fixing bugs. However, I have a bug report again (^_^; Yes, this is because my work was poor, but in other words, all applications in Maple Application center that passed strict check by staff are all guaranteed to have good quality. I am sure that everyone can find good tools for education and research. We should utilize them. If we can not find applications that we want, let us develop works and submit them ! Yasuyuki Nakamura
Hi, I have posted some Maple worksheet on MaplePrimes File Manager. Just a simple question, How do I delete uploaded files there ? Yasuyuki Nakamura
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