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These are questions asked by ynakamura

I am using MapleNet14 on Mac OS X Server 10.6.4. 


I tried to draw 3D plot by the use of MapleNet's Image Generation.

But the following URL that is sample code from document does not 

produce 3D plot.



Error messages are

  MapleNet JSP Error


I have been using MapleNet for several years mainly on Linux.
But I usually use Mac for daily research and education.

I wonder why MapleNet is not compatible with Mac OS X.
MapleNet runs on Tomcat since ver. 11 and it should be run
on Mac OS X with Tomcat. However, there is no installer
for Mac !

I would love to ask Maplesoft to support Mac OS X for MapleNet.
webMathematica is fully compatible with Snow Leopard !

Hi, I have a trouble in handling MathML in worksheet published by MapleNet. A simple worksheet published on the following page works fine. http://mapleoracles.maplesoft.com:8080/maplenet/primes/worksheet/256_int_math.mw However, same worksheet published on my own MapleNet server does not work nicely. http://thomas.phys.cs.is.nagoya-u.ac.jp/maplenet/App/int_math.mw
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