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When execute the following worksheet to "Export" command, Maple lose connection to kernell.

Maple Equation

Maple Equation

Maple Equation

Open a worksheet in document model, and input the next line in math model plot(x^2,x=-1..1,title="title"); and it will show a plot. Now select "title" in the quotation marks (not include quotation marks), type in "aabb" (not include quotation marks) and press enter, there will be an error. But if you select "title" including quotation marks, and change to "aabb" (including quotation marks), there will no problem.
Will maple show Plank's constant "hbar" as one letter not three letters in 2D output?

> restart;

dotpro := (psi,phi,L)->int(evalc(conjugate(psi)*phi),x=-L..L);

dotpro(exp(I/hbar*p*x)/sqrt(2*L), exp(I/hbar*q*x)/sqrt(2*L),L);

Google Desktop search has already been widly used, so why not develop a plug-in for maple document and helpfiles?
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