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Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Since many software have support OLE, including office and mathcad,I hope maple support it quickly. Then you can past maple document into word and edit in that doc file.
User define hotkeys When input 2D math, Some keys like F5 or right arrow are frequently used, so people must move you hands left and left. If users can define these keys to Ctrl+keys, there will be much help. Added a Favorite menu to Maple 11 help windows. currently there is currently only History menu contain only 10 resent items.
with(Physics): Setup(); in the "Physics Setup" dialog,click "Advanced setup", and change "Postfix for non-projected 3D vectors:" to anything you like, and press "Apply Globally", an error appeared.
Create a new file in document model, click menu "View"-> "Typesetting Rule...", and close the new opend Typesetting Rule Assistant window. there will be a document block added, but no command appears in the document. But if you click "Edit"->"Execute"->"Worksheet", the Typesetting Rule Assistant window will appear again. It isn't straightforward how to make it disappear when execute the entire worksheet, althrough I have know the answer: deleteing the first blank document block.
Run with administrator in the XP compatibility mode, and wait for a long time. I have installed perfactly in this way.
you should run install program in compatible mode (winxp sp2), and during installation, some checkbox will dissapare. But after installation, maple 10 can run perfactly in vista. good luck
Thanks. I'll try it.
Yes. I have find the reason. if I change LABEL REFERENCE to "%", it will work fine. It seem that LABEL REFERENCE have some problems in my maple 10.05
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